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Our Fountains of Knowledge

In any academic institution, Library is a vital resource and it serves as a nerve center for all students pursuits. It provides a healthy environment for reading and consulting.
Our library has a rich collection of carefully selected books in the area of engineering, science & management. All the chosen books are from authors and publishers of national and international repute. Our library is a digital library with the facility of e- access.

Class Rooms

Our classrooms are designed in such a unique manner, that provides you not only with the most enriching learning experience, but the most edifying atmosphere of inspiration. Through our personalised classroom atmosphere, we focus on you, to ensure the most enriching learning experience. Beyond simply giving you the knowledge, we inspire you to seek more knowledge.

Computer Lab

The computer center is equipped with latest IBM server with networking system, Core 2 Duo Intel processor,2 GB memory, 250 GB Hard drive,17%D/15%D colour monitor.
Platform available in computer center- windows, Unix, Linux and Novell Netware using software like C, C++, Visual studio, Oracle etc. All the students can access round the clock internet facility through RF link.

Lecture Theatre

A lecture theatre is designed with a screen at the center, and rows of chairs to sit in an elevating way. Students sit there in a digital classroom and listen to recorded or live lectures. Unlike a traditional classroom with a lecturer teaching on a board with a pen, it is a digital classroom where the lecturer teaches online. A Lecture theatre is different from other study rooms, like a classroom, or laboratory, or any other activity room. It is designed in a way that students can directly focus on the lecturer on the screen, without any disturbance from the other students.

Auditorium & Conference Room

The 500-seat auditorium regularly hosts dramatic performances, musical showcases, speaker series, summits, conferences, and more, including the College’s yearly plays and musicals, and speakers such as Cornel West, Delores Huerta, and Angela Davis. The space features a digital audio network, top tier lighting and sound consoles, and a completely rebuilt lighting system which makes it one of the top locations for high-volume events within the local community and beyond. The ANA College Theater is also a perfect venue for students who wish to take technical production courses as well as anyone seeking an affordable rental space for their live performance.

Practical Labs

As a way to complement your academic journey, our cells are strategically designed to act as platforms, which enhance your knowledge base, and your practical exposure. The cells offer you a learning experience which focuses on the development of the intrinsic and personal values of every student, shaping you towards your participation in the future industrial avenues. From creating endless avenues of international exposures to preparing you for a lifetime experience abroad, our academic cells are designed to act as the support pillars, which give you the necessary guidance all throughout your academic journey.


A foundation for life

The College is committed to recognize the meritorious students on the basis of their performance in annual result of University. This will certainly create a healthy competition and will be an encouragement for meritorious students.
The college has laid down following criteria for merit scholarship.
  • Students securing more than 85% marks in UPTU Examination -- Rs. 30,000.
  • Students securing below 85% but more than 80% marks in UPTU Examination -- Rs. 20,000.
  • Students securing below 80% but more than 75% marks in UPTU Examination --- Rs. 10,000.

Hostel Facility

Your Home Away From Home

A hostel with all the modern amenities, hygienic and healthy food is available in the campus. The students staying in the hostel have access to library and computer lab, even after college hours.

An Energising Sporting Experience

To provide students with the most engaging and energetic learning experience, our well refined and fully equipped sporting facilities provide students with a worthwhile outdoor experience. Our culture for sports is designed in such a way that allows students to explore their endless talent and abilities in sports. The campus is equipped with two designated basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts, two badminton courts, two kabaddi grounds, along with two soccer fields and a state of the art cricket ground. These facilities go on to provide students with a vibrant sporting journey during the course of their academics.

Transport Services

A Network of Convenience

The college will provide transport services regularly between campus and city. College buses are available to students and faculty members for commuting from various points in the city to the college and back.
A fleet of buses ply on various routes covering the entire city and nearby areas like Baheri, Budaun, Milak, Nawabganj, Pilibhit and Rampur.

ANA Cafeteria

Taste Served With Endless Campus Memories

Our canteens and food courts, are designed not just for making tasteful meals, but for creating lasting memories with dishes and cuisines from the finest multi-chain restaurants, cafes and stores, housed under a warm ambiance of comfort, for you and your circle of friends.

ANA Hospital

Our Hospital is fully fledged with 100 beds providing all Ayurvedic treatments under the supervision of expert qualified doctors. Our hospital is equipped with major & minor OT with modernized equipment, facilitating all Panchakarma therapies.
Pathyaaharas are provided according to the various conditions of the patient. Hospital is located in an ecofriendly environment providing a peaceful ambience with positive aura. All the treatments are being carried out by well trained and experienced therapists.
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