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Rules & Regulation


Rules & Regulation

Be a part of ANA College for a life changing experience as our commitment is : ‘Best Academic, Best Discipline’

Dress code - All the students must follow the dress code prescribed by the college.
Badge - Each student will be provided an identification badge with his/her photo and name as well as other details on it.
The students have to wear ID badges inside the campus and in college buses. Without ID badges they are not allowed to enter in the campus .ID badges have to be worn by the student during visits to other colleges/universities for participating in sports, cultural and other academic activities.
Student Counsellors -- Every 30 students will be having a counselor who will be responsible for all the academic activities of the student. Counselors would guide the students with regard to their academic Problems as well as their attendance and its record.
All application for certificates, Scholarship form should be addressed to the Principal/Director.
Smoking, chewing of tobacco, the use of other intoxicants and spitting are strictly prohibited inside the campus and hostel.
If the attendance of the student is below 75%, then student will not be allowed to appear in second mid sem. as well as end semester examination.
If a student has secured below 60% marks in the internal examination, then he /she will not be allowed to appear in the end semester examination.
Holidays of the college are followed as per the college calendar.


It shows that you have the ability and self-motivation to learn at a higher level, and the dedication to see your course through to the end.

If you know what you want to do after graduating, a vocational degree can significantly improve your job prospects at the same time as giving you professional skills and knowledge relevant to your future career.

It gives you the time and opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills and meet new people. Especially if it‘s your first time away from home, you’ll become more independent and self-reliant.



Listen To Our Happy Students !

 In A.N.A. we are surrounded with the faculty members, who are very co-operative and hard working.

Divya Kandpal  ANA Student

A.N.A. is providing the best faculty, environment, which enables the student to come up else enlighten minds.

Kavita Kumari  A.N.A. Student

A.N.A. is like a furnace in which students are like raw material and the faculty give them a shape.

Piyush Gangwar  A.N.A. Student

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