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Chairman's Message


Chairman's Message

Mr. Sanjay Anand
Chairman of A.N.A. Group of Institutions

I wish A.N.A. to become Synonymous with excellence in quality of its product. Key inputs for which are the quality of environment conductive for overall development of its students which is comparable to the best in the country. This objective has led us to establish a new engineering college named on A. N. A. College Engineering & Management Studies.

I am a firm believer of the quote by` Larry Page’ that "Best is not the end point, but a starting point for innovation"

I Hope that some innovative practices of ANACEMS will change the overall environment of professional education in the region and it will be helpful in development of overall personality of a student enrolling at A. N. A.

I welcome you all to this magnificent campus fortified with talented academic community, spirited staff and overall helpful administration for ensuing you definite and bright career.


It shows that you have the ability and self-motivation to learn at a higher level, and the dedication to see your course through to the end.

If you know what you want to do after graduating, a vocational degree can significantly improve your job prospects at the same time as giving you professional skills and knowledge relevant to your future career.

It gives you the time and opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills and meet new people. Especially if it‘s your first time away from home, you’ll become more independent and self-reliant.



Listen To Our Happy Students !

 In A.N.A. we are surrounded with the faculty members, who are very co-operative and hard working.

Divya Kandpal  ANA Student

A.N.A. is providing the best faculty, environment, which enables the student to come up else enlighten minds.

Kavita Kumari  A.N.A. Student

A.N.A. is like a furnace in which students are like raw material and the faculty give them a shape.

Piyush Gangwar  A.N.A. Student

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